FCI-CWI’s women in leadership events are held across Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

For the career woman who is looking to build a network of contacts, FCI-CWI’s events provide opportunities for cultivating professional relationships with like-minded women who are passionate about leadership.

For the aspiring leader who is looking for leadership development, FCI-CWI events feature top-level female industry leaders as speakers. The speakers share their stories and discuss the issues and challenges that women in leadership roles face in a competitive environment.

FCI-CWI events are about women helping other women succeed.


“The exposure to the speakers and the wide variety of topics allowed me to see leadership from various perspectives, which will help me grow as a leader.”

– Anne Gent, Senior Environmental Scientist, Cameco Corporation

“It is so important for us to give women the opportunity to share their experiences. The Women in Leadership Conference in Winnipeg was a great example of women supporting women.”
– Colleen Mayer, former Manitoba Minister of Crown Services